POL-HH: 230310-2. English version: 35-year-old man fatally injures several people - Findings so far on a major police operation in Hamburg-Alsterdorf

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Hamburg (ots)

Time of the crime: 09.03.2023, 9:04 p.m. Crime scene: Hamburg-Alsterdorf, Deelböge

A 35-year-old German is strongly suspected of having entered a church hall in the Hamburg district of Alsterdorf last night and, according to current information, injuring 16 people - some of them fatally - by firing a handgun. It appears that the suspect then committed suicide using the same weapon.

According to the findings of the police and the Capital Offences Department of the State Attorney's Office so far, the man had gained access to the church hall through a window from which he fired on participants in an event.

Only a few minutes after the first emergency call, the Supporting Patrol Division entered the building. Proceeding further, they found, among other things, a fatally injured male on one of the upper floors. This person was later identified as the 35-year-old suspected lone perpetrator. Apparently, after police officers entered the building, he fled to an upper floor, where he took his own life.

As it was initially unclear whether one or more armed perpetrators were on the run, the police searched extensively in the city area. The police helicopter "Libelle" was also operationally involved. In addition, alerts were issued via "Cell Broadcast" as well as the warning apps "KATWARN" and "NINA" to inform the public. Further investigations eliminated suspicions that another perpetrator was involved.

As things stand, seven people, ages 33 to 60, including the 35-year-old suspect and an unborn child (28 weeks), have died. The 33-year-old mother survived with serious injuries. In addition, three people (45, 38 and 22) suffered life-threatening injuries; three others (32, 26 and 22) suffered serious injuries; and one man (32) suffered minor injuries. The crisis intervention team of the German Red Cross provided trauma response care for those directly affected, their relatives and witnesses.

The urgent investigations by the State Attorney's Office and the police are still ongoing, including into the motive of the perpetrator.


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